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Steve French is a 21-year-old DJ and producer raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is senior at the University of Central Florida and has made a name for himself in Orlando while growing his skills as an artist and a performer. French has continuously built his following and is becoming one of the new tastemakers shaping the sound of EDM coming out of the South Florida region.

Musically gifted since a young age, French transitioned from his background as a youth guitarist to employ his melody making skills producing original, innovative house music today. As a forward-thinking artist, he pays close attention to the trends in the dance music industry and utilizes a wide range of inspiration to create his own intricate sound.

Describing himself as a "big cat fighting in the jungle for [his] place in the world of EDM," Steve French maintains ferocity in his live shows and an attitude of precision in the studio. From the raw energy in his original collaboration with Steezy Jaxxx, "Moxie," to performing at the same gigs as Henry Fong and Milo & Otis, to having his crowds chanting his music during shows, French is a beast ready to take charge.

Since making the decision to pursue music as a professional career, French has reached the finals at the Spring Weekend DJ competition in Panama City, FL and at the annual UCF Campus DJ competition. He has also created a series of "Essential Mix" podcasts and was recently featured on EDMGiant.com.