Electric Mix Music

Electric Mix Music


Our goal is to identify the finest musical talent of tomorrow, to help them create unique identities, and to position them as artists in the global music marketplace. Electric Mix Artist Management prides itself on the personal attention we pay to our artists, as well as our rock solid business values. We operate with total transparency within our team and with our clients, creating a work environment that is straightforward, innovative, and safe placing each artist on a path to success.


Event Production

We build events that bring people together, capture their dreams, and stimulate their senses. Our productions will incorporate all the senses, while creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The Electric Mix Production team is composed of passionate fans of EDM. We are regulars at the festivals and we love the feeling of participating in the raw creative energy of an EDM show. We intend to deliver epic shows for the fans through a combination of great acts, innovative productions, and next generation technologies.